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Venetian blinds


Aluminium Venetian blinds are an ideal solution for the office or home where light control and a clean crisp finish are required.

Venetian blinds are supplied using an aluminium headrail with cord controls for lift and a rod for slat opening and closing. Functionality on venetian blinds can be more specific with a choice of positions for the controls.

Venetian Blinds Types
Venetian blinds uses have widened in recent years with the introduction of many more colours and finishes. Perforated venetian blinds are mainly used in offices, while wood effect aluminium finishes and silver finishes are extremely popular for the home.

There are 4 slat sizes for venetian blinds: 15mm / 25mm / 35mm / 50mm

Venetian Blinds Colour Options
A design led approach to venetian blinds colours and finishes has taken the venetian blinds to the home more and more in recent years. Colours range from basic whites and creams, to reds, blues, blacks and now more design led styles such as stardust and scratched silver effect.

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